10 Things Men Secretly Want From A Woman But Rarely Are They Asked


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If you feel like you require a crystal ball to discern what men want, it’s not a problem. Although women are often tagged with the label ‘complicated’ because of their self-expression and self-expression, men appear to be effortlessly simple in the realm of emotions. In reality, it’s most likely because your partner isn’t willing to discuss his feelings in an open environment.

It could be due to the social environment, difficulties in sharing intimate thoughts, or absolute fear of showing someone your true self. This causes confusion, disagreements, and those “not tonight, I’ve got a headache” moments that we are all familiar with and love. Contrary to popular belief, what he’s asking to accomplish isn’t only about sexual intimacy. Here are ten things men want from you, yet you’ll never ask for.

1.The Room To Chase.

The thrill of the chase’ may not be just something that males love to experience. Everyone gets a charge from trying to achieve the highest quality of our lives. Sometimes, however, when they are dating, women subconsciously stop men from having fun. If you’re constantly the person to initiate more dates and message the guy, you’re giving him the space to feel the need to be interested in you.


It’s not about playing games. It’s about him being aware that he’s conscious of his choice and not being forced to do anything.

Switch your attitude to allow the relationship to unfold and continue living your best life even while with you. React to his attempts to progress and put in the effort on your side; however, don’t try to force it. If he’s in love with you, it will discover its path.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, but males  and women think differently about this. Take a look at those conversations where you’re ranting about the day at work. The guy will always jump in to provide solutions. Also, he’s a trouble solver. On the contrary, it might not require him to resolve your issues; you may like to discuss them.

If you tell him that you don’t need his assistance, this can come across as an act of disrespect, even though it’s not what you’re saying. Men usually view reverence as love. If you don’t like his actions, how he behaves in his attire, or why he behaves in this manner you don’t like, he’ll have strict confidence in you to handle his feelings. Accept him as he is and the distinctions in how males and females communicate, and he’ll be basking in the glow of your appreciation.

2. Acceptance Of His Help.

You are, without doubt, confident, independent and competent in taking care of yourself. However, this has absolutely nothing to concern with allowing your husband to support you. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and this is one way to show his love by doing something instead of emotions.

The point is not to be a damsel in need of help. Strong women are the ones who can handle obstacles, be they an emotional crisis or changing a tire. If he is willing to help carry your luggage (even even though they’re not too weighty) is expressing his wish to leave you to smile and make life easier for you, and be helpful to you. In the old-fashioned sense, this is known as”chivalry. Take pleasure in it and let him.

3. Space.

The idea of a man’s cave’ isn’t a figment of imagination. In the past, women would gather around to chat, socialize, discuss issues, and have fun, and men preferred a quiet time to pursue their interests. This is no connection with the desire to spend time with you.

It’s the same for having fun with his friends. It’s about his friends and not the woman who is his life partner. If you’ve ever experienced the reverse of this, when men are reluctant to let you go out of his sight, you feel trapped. It’s one of the most effective ways to end a romantic relationship, regardless of whether it’s your or him placing the paper bag over it.

In the end, a relationship isn’t just a fusion of two individuals to form one. It’s an invitation through life together as individuals that require space.

4. Compliments and Appreciation.

The average man will not request more compliments because he’s afraid that he will sound like he needs his ego to be smacked. It’s more likely you’re getting compliments every day, regardless of whether you’re attractive, make a funny comment, or score the ball at work.

However, he’ll need to be reassured too, and it’s not wrong to indulge in some ego-stroking. Indeed, compliments increase confidence in him, and if they’re coming from you, they’ll help him feel appreciated. Plus, as you continue to tell him what you believe is good about him and the more you’ll notice these qualities.

5. Sexual Variety.

It’s impossible to discuss what women want men to do without dipping into sexuality. Sexually attractive lingerie, various positions, a hot make-out in public, or anything else novel can make him scream. He’ll not want to request it, but he’ll desire it. It’s an excellent method to build intimacy and keep the fire going.

6. Initiate On Him.

What would you think of yourself when you were always in contact with a guy, whether via text messages, phone calls, kissing, or sexual sex? Men fear rejection, and this is true even in long-term relationships. In general, it’s not a problem. This, however, for your man, it’s nice to be under the stress of expressing it lifted occasionally. Plus, it’s hot to be in the face of someone confident enough to accept rejection.

7. Keep Your Spontaneity And Passion.

There’s nothing more appealing than someone spontaneous confident, happy, and ready to be who she is. He loves when you’re free to voice your personal opinions, express your thoughts about what you like and dislike, and make decisions that bring you joy.

He is also interested in you, to be amazed by your spontaneity and be challenged by what’s inside your head. This attitude indicates you’re at ease with yourself, live your own life, and trust him enough to open up to him. You want him to be impressed by yourself, so do not be afraid to show your anxieties, desires, or the desire to sing during the bath. If the guy doesn’t get a kick from the real you, he’s probably not the right guy for you.

8. Trust Him Completely.

It’s an odd contradiction, but if you feel that your trust isn’t high, it’ll be a challenge for him to be able to trust you.

It’s comforting to know that you can trust. It’s a confirmation that you believe that the person you trust is a good one. The tendency to jump to negative conclusions and constantly question his motives, On the other hand, can be a snub to someone seeking to earn your confidence. He may be withdrawn emotionally, as he doesn’t have the confidence to trust him.

9. Be His Buddy.

Being a guy’s friend doesn’t mean you need to play football, eat the occasional meat pie, or participate in burping competitions (though most guys would appreciate it when you did). It’s about standing by the same side with him and accepting him for what you see him, just as true friends do.

10. In many cases.

even at the beginning of relationships, it’s easy to get caught up in being a fan of everything about a person you’ve just met and thinking that you’ll alter the things you don’t like. There’s no way to do that. You’ll make him feel as if you’re not on his side or that there’s something wrong with him and that you can’t be like him in front of you. A true friend will not do that.


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