My Pregnancy Journey From Two Pink Lines to Holding My Baby Girl


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My name is DIYANA a Software Engineer. I want to share with you my pregnancy experience, which was not without many ups and downs, but also plenty of happiness. This experience gave me many lessons.
I found an unexpected positive pregnancy test in the midst of my least expected. We didn’t have any plans of having a baby, but it came about suddenly. The normal time for me to get my period is five days before the due date. However, I didn’t have mine just two days before my due date. I could tell that something was wrong but did not think about it and thought I was reacting too much. I felt nauseated due to the smell of rice cooking and oil, and I decided to do an at-home pregnancy test and observed two pink lines. After I shared it with my colleague, she confirmed it.
The first trimester of my pregnancy was extremely difficult for me as I felt sick to almost everything and vomited almost as soon after eating. It was very difficult for me to cope with the stress of work and my weaknesses since it was a complete first environment. However, my mother and spouse were a great support to me at that moment, and they were both there to look after me.

Then was the second trimester’s honeymoon phase. In this trimester, I was extremely active and consumed all things. I would go for walks and squats and use only Indian toilets. At this point, I was in a constant craving for sweets and chocolate. After the second trimester, I started to feel the presence of my baby. I began to feel flutters around the fifth month; however, my little girl started constantly giving me kicks in the sixth month. When her father put his hands over my stomach, she would used to play football with him.
Then came the most challenging aspect of my journey, learning that I was suffering from gestational diabetes. I was required to eliminate masalas, sugar, rice, and everything else from my daily diet. My mom used to give me food according to the schedule of the nutritionist. Due to my obsessions as well as mood fluctuations, I became angered. My routine consisted of checking my sugar levels daily and avoiding foods that caused my sugar levels to increase. I counted down the days until my baby was born.

According to my doctor’s recommendations According to my doctor’s recommendation, I was admitted into the hospital at the age of 40 weeks of gestation, underwent the induction process, and then had my daughter through a C-section.


What is a pregnancy test? How does it perform?
The tests can detect human chorionic gonadotropin, which is the hormone that is released by a fertilized egg releases when it is attached to the uterus. This could occur in those rare instances that result in an unfavorable test result, regardless of whether you’re pregnant. Too late for the tiny hormone levels to be detected through the tests.
If you’re given an error and need to be sure, take a second test. Being sure to take it for several days before taking a new test simultaneously will not provide a different outcome.

When is the best time to take an ultrasound to determine your pregnancy?
While it’s wonderful to determine if you’re pregnant at the moment after having sexual relations, pregnancy tests don’t do the same. You should take the test when you’ve missed your period to get the best results. Jennifer Wider, M.D., suggests waiting for a week following your missed period. She recommends taking the test early in the morning, as urine concentration is the highest. If you don’t want to wait for a long time, you can opt for a urine test at the doctor’s office, giving you quicker results than the urine test.
What number of pregnancy tests do you need to take?
Based on the time you’re taking the test, there could be a benefit to taking a test then taking another one (again after within a couple of days). But is it worth clearing out all the shelves at the drug store to make sure you’re 100% certain? Yeah, no. Choose two options or visit your physician to set any doubts at peace.


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